Association Chaplain

Rod Nielsen
         Many thanks to the board for accepting me as the Association Chaplain.  It is my sincere hope that I can be of service to our Association in a very positive dimension.
         I served aboard the Sea Fox in 1955-56.  I earned my 3rd class "crow" as a "Belly Robber" CS3 and also earned my Dolphins while serving aboard the Sea Fox.  In addition to my active duty I served 10 years as Active Reserve which included a training cruise on Sea Fox in 1962.  Some of the other boats I served on included Aspro (SS309), Hammerhead (SS364), Razorback (SS394), Segundo (SS398), Catfish (SS339) and Diodon (SS349).  Diesel Boats Foever! 
         I have been an active member of the Catholic Church my entire life and at present also serve as Chaplain to Montana Base, USSVI.  I am a Life Member of USSVI and an Associate Member of US Sub Vets WWII, Montana Buffalo Chapter.
         It will be my honor to communicate with any of you on any matter you feel inclined to discuss with me.  I will also send cards of condolence to the family of our departed Brother Shipmates.  In addition, if you know of any Brother Shipmate who is seriously ill I would be happy to offer spiritual encouragement on behalf of our Associaion.  If you think I can be of service to you please let me know.
         I hope the brief description of my background and ideas for developing this position will make you feel comfortable working with me and in my qualification to do the Chaplain work of the Association. 
         May God keep you in his care.  
                       Rod Nielsen
Sea Fox Personnel on
Eternal Patrol.  Click on the flag.
Encouragement/Get Well card designed by Chaplain Nielsen
To All Shipmates:  If you know of a shipmate who is seriously ill, or about to undergo surgery or otherwise hospitalized, please send me a heads up and I will be happy to send them and "Encouragement Card"; also if you have info that a shipmate has passed on to "Eternal Patrol", I would appreciate that info as well.  Normally, I get this info from George and send a memorial card to the family.  George sends out the Eternal Patrol Certificate.  With both of us on the notification list we will not miss anyone.  I will also send out a card to non-member shipmates.  I can be contacted  the Email address above or phone 406-363-5362, or at 200 N. 5th St., Hamilton, MT, 59840.  Thanks to all and God Bless.  Rod Nielsen, SFO, Chaplain