Formed:  14 September 2001
Current Officers.

President:  George Arnold
Vice President:  Robert Caskey
Treasurer: Joel Greenberg
Secretary: (Open) 
Storekeeper: (Open)
Chaplain:  Rod Nielsen
Newsletter Editor: Joel Greenberg
Webmaster:  George Arnold
Photographer:  Dale Gumbert

     Those attending the 2001 reunion in Peoria, IL met at 1400 hrs on Friday, 14 Sep 01 and voted unanimously to form the Sea Fox Association.  The purpose being to keep alive the memories of times served and shipmates with whom we served.  
     It was further approved that yearly dues be charged to help defray the costs of reunion planning, publishing a newsletter, and for other projects we undertake.  Dues will be $10 per year, payable in January of each year.  Dues collected during the remainder of 2001 will cover 2002 also.  
     Members will be provided with a yearly membership card and personal Sea Fox Association Business Cards which are included in the yearly dues.  
     There will be a Storekeeper page on the website in the future where members can order Sea Fox items.  Procedures for ordering items will be posted on the Storekeeper's page.  
     The Newsletter, "The Below Decks Log",  will be published twice a year and Emailed to  those that have access.  A third edition will be published in the years that we are holding a reunion.  The Newsletter will be mailed to all members without Internet Access.
     Any funds left from the original reunion account were transferred to a new Sea Fox Association account.   
How To Join the Association

Click here for Application Form

     At our business meeting in North Little Rock,  it was voted to keep the dues at $10.00 per year.  Dues for Associate members will remain at $5.00 for the same period.  Dues can be paid anytime now!  You can pay for as many years as you want in one check.   
Dues are to be paid by March 1st, with a 30 day grace period.  After April 1st, dues for the current year will be $15.00.  ($10 for Associate members)
     Submit a check or money order in the amount of $10.00 for dues.
If you want a member of your family or a supporter of the Sea Fox Association, who was not assigned to the Sea Fox, as an Associate Member add $5.00 for each associate.  Be sure to include full name, address, phone number, Email, Rank/Rate and years aboard the Sea Fox (If assigned).  
     Mail to:  Joel Greenberg; 71 E. Santa Chalice Dr.  Green Valley, AZ 85614.
Make Check payable to:  Joel Greenberg; on Remarks line put SEA FOX
When notified by the Treasurer that an individual has paid, a membership card as well as some Sea Fox Association Business Cards will be sent to the new member. 


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