Sea Fox Association Membership Application
     Please fill out the information below and send via Email or Snail mail to:

                                                   George M. Arnold      
23132 W. 71st Terr.
Shawnee, KS  66227-5503

   Name: ______________________________________________

Years Aboard the Sea Fox: ___________________________

Rank/Rate aboard the Sea Fox: ______________________

Mailing Address: ____________________________________



                                    Phone Number:   ____________________________________

                                    Email Address:    ____________________________________

     A file of the above information will be maintained and available upon request to former 
    Only Name, Years aboard, Rank/Rate, Town and City and Zip will be posted on the Internet.  

     The dues currently are $10 per year and are deliquent after 1 April each year.  Upon receipt 
     of dues you will be sent a membership card, plus some Sea Fox Association business cards.  
     You will also receive the "Below Decks Log" twice a year.  Make checks payable to:  Joel 
    Greenberg:  On the remarks line put:  SEA Fox Association.

     Listed below are Web Sites for the USS Sea Fox (SS402):

                   Main Sea Fox Site

                   Association Web site

                  402 Crew Locator

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