Newsletter Editor: Joel Greenberg
-Two issues per year; June & December, with a special edition 3 months prior to reunions.
-All items, cartoons, photos, etc., are to be submitted to the Newsletter Editor either via Email  or Snail Mail.  Address:  Sea Fox Newsletter, Attn:  Joel.  71 E. Chalice Dr.
Green Valley, AZ 85614.
-Articles should not be more than 1 typewritten page in length.
-Items should be submitted to the Editor at least 30 days prior to publication date. 
-Publication months are June and December. 
-Articles should concern the Sea Fox herself and/or members of the crew.  Other items of general interest to the submarine community are also good. 
-Any recommendations should be forwarded to the Newsletter Editor. 

Revised Newsletter Distribution Procedures

    Effective with the January 2008 edition of the newsletter, the .pdf file will no longer be available on the association website.  Normally snail mail procedures will continue for those desiring to have the newsletter mailed to them. 
    For those that would rather get the newsletter via a .pdf file, you are to contact either Joel Greenberg or George Arnold.  When requested, the entire .pdf file will be forwarded to you.
     You can get the .pdf reader free by clicking on the red box above.

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