Reunion Interest Survey
Tell us your interests (Do not send money at this time, this is for planning purposes only):

Name: ____________________________________________Number in Party: ____                            SEA FOX Years:  _______

What days will you be here?  20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 18, 29, 30, 31?  (circle)


_____Bringing motor home or trailer? _____Using D/M? _____ Need Help? Email___________________________

_____Monday dinner ($25)? _____Tuesday dinner ($25)? _____ Wednesday Lunch ($20)? _____Friday Dinner($25)?

_____ Tour of Green Valley (we will work out shen)? _____Friday Business Meeting? _____ NJROTC Visit? _____

_____USSVI Saturday Tucson Base Meeting? _____ Stay for dinner (Meals from menu)?

_____No touring, just sit around and tell sea stories.  OR--------


_____Golf? How many days? _____ What day(s)? ________ What do you expect to pay for 18 holes?______________

_____Tital Missile Museum? ____Pima Air & Space Museum? _____Aircraft Boneyard? _____ Old Tucson ($20)? ____

_____Desert Museum? _____ Rosewmont Copper Mine? _____ ASARCO Copper Mine? _____Tuscon Tour?

_____Mt Lemon (no cost but a long trip)? _____Biosphere II (a long trip @ $20+)? _____ See the university?

_____One of the observatoris: KittPeak ($7)(a long trip) & Whipple ($7) (Close by but you will give up a day to go)?

_____Tucson Rifle Range - We will supply firearms & have ammo to buy. ($8 range)?  _____ CCW Class ($80)?

_____Thomas Hubbard Franklin Auto Museum ($5)?  _____ Tubac?

_____Model Railroads, in-home, garden & Gadsen Toy Train Museum (all are donations)?

_____Kartchner Cavern ($20) or _____Colossal Cave ($5 Parking & $8)? _____ Tanqueverde Dude Ranch?

_____The Saturday Wyatt Earp all-day trip (cost of transport & melas to be determined?

_____Stay for Memorial Day Parade?  Or _____Wreath Laying?

_____Any special dietary or other requirements? _______________________________________________________________


Prices above are estimates.  Breakfast will be Tueday through Friday in hotel Hospitality Suite, for $$ donations.
Our local FRA Branch 77 and USSVI Base will serve.

Print out or copy this form, fill it in and mail it back to:  Joel M. Greenberg, 71E Santa Chalice Dr.  Green Valley,m AZ 85614, or
you cna scan the filled in form back into your computer and Email it to me as an attachment:

You can call me at (520) 393-8252 for questions and more details.  Please feel free to do so.  Please make
you hotel reservations now.  Joel

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