Sea Fox Vehicle Plates
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Arkansas:  Alan Wilson. (60-63)
Kansas:  George Arnold (56-58)
Montana:  Hank Nielsen (55-56)
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TexasHank Weiss (64-67)
WashingtonRalph Ruppert (44-45)
California:  Capt. R. E. Vaughn (63-65)
Maryland:  Buzz Bussard (62-63)
Ohio:  "PP" Philipps (1969-71)
Arizona:  Joel Greenberg (69-71)
Alan Wilson's Bass Boat!!!  Nice Touch!
Arizona:  George Long (58-64)
California:  Gilbert Grayson (65-67)
Montana:  Raleigh Rockne (67-70)
Iowa:  Al Reynolds  (62-65)